Ultrasonic blind cleaning is a unique cleaning technology in which ultrasonic waves are sent through a water medium to knock the dust, stains, grease and other dirt out of your blinds. No harsh chemicals are used. Rather, we use a mild biodegradable detergent.

Why should you do ultrasonic blind cleaning?

  • Improve overall health of the buildings occupants
  • Improve overall functions of the blinds

Some Statistics

A recent study published in Scientific American estimated that 70% of all household dust consists of shed human skin. By this reasoning, 70% of all the dust on the blinds you clean consists of the same shed skin.

Consider the following: 95% of all airborne viruses, bacteria, and other antigents use shed skin as a platform to carry out their purpose to cause illness. By not cleaning your blinds, you are unknowingly designing a highly efficient system to spread disease.

Allergens On Your Blinds

As each year passes, more and more people are affected by allergies and asthma. It is becoming epidemic, especially in children.
Asthma is intensified by breathing in allergens (particles that cause allergies) such as dust mites, pollen, molds, pollution, bacteria and animal dander.

Process of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonics is the scrubbing part of the above cleaning process. Ultrasonic cleaning depends upon cavitation, the rapid formation of violent collapse of minute bubbles or cavities in a cleaning liquid.  This agitation by countless small and intense imploding bubbles creates a highly effective scrubbing of both exposed and hidden surfaces of parts immersed in the cleaning solution.  As the frequency increases, the number of these cavities also increases but the energy released by each cavity decreases making higher frequencies ideal for cleaning delicate items without substrate damage.  Uses the same process as Jewelers use to clean jewelry.